Sunday, March 11, 2007

D+G advert space themed shoot ads

i saw this first advert for D+G in a fashion mag and thought it has a bit of a mannequin edge too it with the models being glossied up somehow and the poses they were in. the fashions are a bit cybery and i swear there's a pannel of latex on one of their tops.

if nothing else then it would be a great one for the mad retouchers out there. with two models looking on and the one of the table being transformed or having just been transformed. any of you out there (MadBird or Winter fox example) want a full res scan then just drop me an email and i can dig it up. i mainly scan at a pretty high res and scale down part way for the blog.

then last week i spotted the second advert and realised it was part of a series with the definate space theme running throughout it. a fashion shoot in the bay of the space shuttle? well maybe....

there might be more too come yet. i'll keep flicking through fashion mags in borders. now if theiry mugler would get in the act and bring back his wonderfull gyniod, i know a load of ASFR fans would be extremely happy.


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