Saturday, March 10, 2007

a massive doll spread in POP magazine

i've been busy scanning today but one collection of pages was just too daunting to do, but i had to scan just one as a taster:

the new issue of POP magazine - sort of style/fashion rag has a massive and i mean like over 10 double page spreads of models turned into old fashion ball jointed dolls mixed among real dolls of a similiar style. in some cases the only way to tell which was which is to note the ones thta had to have specially made outfits.

issue still on sale i think and the spreads waaay a the back.

i'll likely do it this week but another update tommorrow with the existing scans.



UserJesse said...

Lovely!! I must pick up that magazine, any chance someone could link an image of the cover, I'm not very familiar with this magazine.

blackice said...

I checked it out in the newsagents. Several trees died to make that mag.

"Rave' is on the cover of the mag