Tuesday, March 13, 2007

international movement for latex tights..

a shot of Alessandra Ambrosio in VOGUE Brazil, March 2007.

seems that the look and the need for latex tights and leggings is moving around the world? or are they 'model's own' and she picked them up as a freebie when modeling in London. can you even buy latex in Brazil?

funny thing is that the shoot is for a new style or type of denim.



Luiz said...

The translation

High Speed Denin

The technology speeds the new jeans full of secrets for you look more sexy.
Pictures by J.R. Duran

J.R. Duran is famous for taking pics for Brazilian version of Playboy magazine

And, sure, I really wish they start to sell this things here!

Corset Kate said...

I certainly know of a friend of mine from Brazil who loves her latex and has plenty of it. You can see her on imlive.com under name rubbersexdoll.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kate, no results

Corset Kate said...


didn;t think posting a link to that kind of site would be appropriate but seeing as you asked for it think it will be ok.