Sunday, March 18, 2007

latex as comic relief

here are the screen grabs from last weeks ugly betty. it seemed to be mainly about comic aspects of wearing latex more than anything else. as u can see from the first screen grab the latex dress thats delivered to amanda is teeny, beyond size 0 - more like size -2.

so it was more of a bondage dress than something she could wear to work. most of the gags revolved around her not being able to do anything normal in the dress.

i guess she wouldn't have any problems at all in this seasons must have latex leggins.



Luiz said...

Wonderful Dress, loved it!

Dan said...

This blog:

has some video's posted regarding
this show's episode.

It's hilarious.

blackice said...

more screen grabs at


Luiz said...

Just watched the videos from Kingkygerlink. It's hilarious!!! I really loved this dress, looks like one my wife have (but her was without sleeves, and not latex :/ )