Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the 5 inch devide....

its finally sunk in that to be stuck in 5 inch heels or higher one must always wear 5 inch heels or higher. i know it maybe obvious but its not till you are wearing the 4's comfortably and then switch up to 5's that you realise that a major threshold has been crossed. the difference between 4 and 5's on how you walk and hold yourself is vast.

of course this all depends on how tall you are and what size shoes you take in the first place. obviously its an arch angle thing so if your size 5 feet then 4 inch heels would be like 5's or higher even. i bet there's a chart ou there of where the cross over point is...

anyway the one thing i'm finding or not finding really is 5 heels i like the look of. there's looooads of fetish ones from Pleaser but they reek of stripper / pole dancerness. and those ones with the thick platforms - well even the top designers do them i stilll think they're for women who have loose 1$s down thier postage stamp sized panties.

i do have a nice pair of marry janes in patent leather now that are 5's and the pleaser basic strappy are 5's too. the former will take some time to break in though thank god the pleasers are finally wearable.

meanwhile i've been scouring shoe sites, ebay and where ever to satisfy my picky taste in shoes.

i did see these two on sites somewhere (above one is a pay model site) and the other i just can't remember. but i do like the idea of a totally clear wedge.

though for the life of me i have no idea where its from. i tend to save images to my DR folder and then totally forget where they're from.

oh well. if u find any online retailers then do post it comments. and payless shoe source doesn't count. ;-)



Doug said...

I can imagine that the difference is quite large between 4 & 5 inches, but I would love some more pointers from you on what your picky taste in shoes involves so that we can look for good sources for you - loads of sources have stilettos or boots without platforms, is this not what you are looking for? Would love to hear more

SanderO said...

Chritian Louboutin has some great shoes and now I see that Vicky Secrets is copying the slick red soles in some pvc stretch knee high with thin 5" heels and about 1/2" platform. They're sexy.

I agree about platforms.. they look like pole dancer/hooker shoes. never ever liked them. No class.

Black and shiny to most people reminds them of streetwalkers.

So many girls like it when it becomes "fashionable" so they can look sexier as fashionable and not as if they want to look like a hooker.

Anonymous said...

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