Sunday, October 14, 2007

my 4's are flats so my 5's are...

i've stepped up my heel training and am now in 5's most days all day now. the 4 inch KR heeled Melissa's I still love but they're feeling to me like flats. i really wish they're were higher but i do wear them in the middle of the night like slippers when i use the bathroom and first thing in the morning before i head out to work.

i was in the bath this morning taking a very leisurely soak and looked down at my feet an noticed the arches are really pronounced. so much so its just the heel and frount of my feet that will ever touch the ground. i've never noticed them to be this way before. i tried to flatten them and they just stayed that way. seems the heel wearing is finally sticking.

i'm not trapped in them yet, but i think its a significant sign.

the 5's are pretty comfortable now and i won another couple of pairs off ebay which i'm just waiting on too arrive. i don't think they're pleaser brand, so they won't need an excessively long breaking in time. so in the meantime i'm also switching over to my 5 1/2 inch oxfords which i could never walk in before, but i can now - but barely.

wow - the difference that extra 1/2 inch makes is amazing - though you really wouldn't think so.

so thats my heel training schedule, 4's to start then most of the day in 5 1/2s and then last few hrs of the evening 5 1/2s.

if your interested in heel training and well heels in general do check out the high heel place message board. they're all really friendly there and i made a new friend who is already stuck in heels and is encouraging me along in my own training.



Sebastian said...

Those right there are some very nice heels. I do have a love for platforms though. And according to my friend they are really not as hard to walk in as some would think. Unless you get into those 12" platforms that is.

SanderO said...

What are you wearing during the day lately heel height wise?

Platforms remind me of cheap hookers, short girls trying to be taller, and mods. Never liked anything more than 3/4" thick. And the really thick ones look nothing short of comical.

The thicker platforms really don't do anything for the line of the leg as thin soled high heels do. The look almost like hoofs. It's something which can ruin an otherwise hot looking outfit. My opinion

jenny said...

really nice that you can wear those all day,i wear heels usually just now and then because they arent very comfy to walk with.was shopping today with my 7cm heels (i guess thats about 3 or 4 inch,not sure).and ended up walking barefooted home ,because my feet were killing me.but i intend to wear heels regulary in the near future ,just because i love heels.i think its better for me to start a heel training with a lower heel and just increase the height reading your blog regulary,its great.
(sl name yuki xiao)

Doug said...

Well, I have to say that I am very excited for you - I know how much you wanted to get to the point where 5" heels would be the norm, so this is a great step - the next one will indeed be making the 5 1/2" heels the most comfortable thing in your life - and of course having a wide selection of these for different uses (boots, sandals, slides etc) - keep up the excellent work, and we are all here to support you!!