Thursday, October 04, 2007

how many dolls go to the ball?

its not a riddle really - just an honest question... really

this weekend is the Skin Two Rubber Ball 2007 with two main events - Torture Garden on friday and the ball proper on Saturday in London along with the Xpo on friday and saturday.

the Rubber Sisters will be there for sure (so i've been informed) as well this blogs contributor/photographer blackice. so hoping on some good shots by the end of the weekend.

more info can be found on Skin Two Magazines main site here or simply go directly to the evetns hompeage at

after running for over 15 years now its becoming so popular that even reserved British Airways has an event listing for it here, as well as Hilton Hotels, istc (student travel) and Eurostar.



blackice said...

I will have a doll-esque EGL with me as a photo assistant of sorts. She'll be carrying around a glowing white cube that will act as a 2nd slave flash too my on camera one.

Should result in some cool shots - but its all first try though. I'll do a posed one of her outside at night in the park for a creepy EGL goth look holding the glowing cube.

If I'm actualy awake enough I'll email some results in saturday, though its likely to be monday or so before I'm recovered from the late nights.

Possible shoot with the Rubber Sisters next wednesday.


SanderO said...


Try to snap all the dolls. It will be interesting just to see how many show up. I was there in '99 and I only recall one or two.

A trend?

Angelina Doll said...

I was there in 2004 and met the Rubbersisters and that was so amazing. I kept staring on them for a long long time and was mesmerized. Then I talked to Jacline for while and that was nice and very informative even though the music was way too loud. They inspired me a lot to make my own doll suit. Also looking forward to seeing some good photos of dolls. Sorry I could not be there today in my dollsuit.

blackice said...

I'll see what I can get - the venue's like a huge aircraft hanger so easy to miss people as move from room to room.

More annoyingly I've just had two people I guestlisted - for tonight and even the Ball proper - totally flake and bail on me. Damn my friends are flakes.

So Jeannie, I have spare tickets if you want to come ;-)


blackice said...

Well awake now after round 1 as it were. No overt dolls, lots of latex. Brought my own EGL to carry a flash / light cube around.

Figure most people will be waiting till tonight to really dress up.


Morticia said...

I have always wanted to go, but have never had enough money to get there from America.

Andre said...

Yeah me too Morticia. One of these years.

Looking forward to SMack! in NY, that ought to have a nice crowd. A lot of people I know from Rubberpal and all over will be coming and Halloween always has people dressing their rubbery best of course!

Should be a blast. If you're there and you see a guy in heavy rubber (most likely a gasmask) with a tall, white rubber medical dolly, come say hello!

blackice said...

Hi Everyone

Just awake now from Sk2 Ball proper. Left 2:30-ish and got back to Brighton at 4:30-ish. Downloading images as I type.

No rubber dolls at all! No sign of the Rubber Sisters. Not sure what happend to them so I'll text them later.

Very few, if any - show stopers costumewise. Stuck with my ring flash as no one using anything similiar. Took about 180 images with it compare to 400+ a TG.

Will go through them properly over next few days.


SanderO said...


That preliminary report was not heartening. Could this be the beginning of the end for SkII? This is such a large financial commitment it is getting hard to justify this for a few parties I would think... especially for those who have done it once. As exciting as it was once... how many times can you go back for more or less the same thing. I'm not putting down all the beautiful outfits that people put together. But there comes a point when showing it off or gawking at others is just not worth thousands of dollars... nore than once or maybe twice.

This means that to get that level of intensity you need lots of newbies showing up. I think the pros just stay "home" and do their pay for view web sites in more controlled and relaxed conditions.

How many people will travel really far for a day or two of pervy fun?

Would you?

Anonymous said...

Well...not to be too obnoxious or obvious about it, Sandero, but you know...

You (in general, not personal) don't encourage enthusiasm by being a wet blanket. I had to learn that lesson myself, in part from Asudem here.

And yeah, I get it that it's a fair bit of travel, effort and expense. But if you want rookies to show up, you don't do it by being "too cool to fool" or too jaded to care.

Skin Two would be better served by doing a tour with a number of *smaller* shows that come to the people, instead of one "huge" to-do that may or may not be so huge.

Point is...there may be a problem, but you don't solve problems by giving up, you solve problems by *solving problems*. Imagine that.

So...yeah. Enthusiasm is as enthusiasm does. BlackIce will go to these events and do his thing, regardless.

It's up to us to join him and support him where we can. And the same goes, really, for Asudem here on her weblog and anyone else. We are too rare a lot for this kind of downer attitude to persist.

Just saying,

--Brad Poe

blackice said...

Apparently the Rubber Sister were there but I totally missed them. Not unconcievable due to the massive size of the place.

Shoot for tommorrow is still on btw.


Andre said...

"How many people will travel really far for a day or two of kinky fun?"

You tell me. You did it once.

I for one will... Perhaps not the Sk2 Ball since the exchange rate sucks in the UK, but I like to travel for fetish parties. It's a good excuse to get out of town for a few days. We'll probably go to the SF Fetish Ball in March.

To some of us who like to socialize, the party itself isn't even the best part. The best part is seeing old friends and meeting new folks, in a different setting - often outside of the fetish party. That's often more fun than the party itself.

"I think the pros just stay "home" and do their pay for view web sites in more controlled and relaxed conditions."

What? Who are these pros? Is there a league that I make myself available for draft. I want to be a professional pervert damnit. Maybe I'll carry an attache to the next party.

SanderO said...


I have never made an expensive long journey to a fetish event. We did find ourselves in London in 99 on our way to Italy and decided to check out Honor and there we learned of the SKII ball and decided to attend. This was an excuse to buy some gear in London which took us to several shops, including the Expo and the Ball. We did it because we lived so far and knew we wouldn't do a trip JUST to attend from the states, but it fit into our vacation plans which were a bit flexible as we don't do the organized type of tour.

So your assumption is / was wrong. We are interested in visiting Montreal and could conceivably do it to coincide with one the big events hosted up there, but we wouldn't go to Montreal just for a fetish event. It's not high on our priorities.