Sunday, October 21, 2007

second life to real life - shoes

i remember seeing a pair of shoes that were too OTT for me in the fashion mags but they had this interesting circular heel. the entire heel was a big circle. now if memory serves they were gold and sort of jewel encrusted too.

last week i happend upon a pair of shoes like those in SL which i promptly got, but due to prim counts and whatnot they were devoid of the jewels and thus much more streamlines and refined imho.

wandering around sites looking for pairs of 5 inch shoes i'd actually wear which weren't too 'strippery', i did see something similar on a shoe site (opposite) but the base is way too big an its all a bit too chunky for me. sort of falls into stipper territory. stupidly i can't even find these again in their homepage.

has anyone seen something similiar thats not a silly price jewel encrusted shoe?


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