Tuesday, October 23, 2007

they want you to wear PVC all the time

i guess its down to audience and buyer education in the end and this site here goes along way to explaining and even encouraging people to make PVC daily wear - too germans anyway. and with some practice its even possible apparently to permantly wear PVC underwear.

the site suggests:

… To transfer to PVC underwear is at the best during into the vacation. Three weeks in the spring are ideal. First one carries only by the hour for the PVC pants, then also a whole night. After approx. 3 days then each night and starting from day 4 also all day long….

you can expand your PVC underwear at their main site New Line Leipzig.

wonder if someone should do a similiar site or FAQ for latex?


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sick puppy said...

I don't know about clothes, but about underwear, I don't think PVC is a good material for it (I can't speak German, so I don't know if there is something on the subject -health- at the site)