Sunday, October 14, 2007

other end of dolling

i saw this on a message board somewhere and it just hit me as freaky and then i paused, tut-tut'd myself as what i'm doing and my own blog will look pretty freaky to some people. or maybe alot, i'm not too sure.

anyway i figure its another end of dolling. beyond the plastic sex doll into the cartoon abstraction of the human form which is closer too those 'enthusiasts' who like or even love inflatable pool animals.

if you want such a mask then you can get them from HW Designs.



Sebastian said...

Hehe, Now I draw some strange things and have a thing for a forced smile but this mask has never done it for me.
Really though it has to do with my stint working at Wally World and seeing that face every day :P

Love the yellow though.

SanderO said...

Fetish seems to be pretty expansive.. even within niches like dolls. There are some icons, but lots of individual interpretations and options.

You gotta wonder what the wearer of that hood is trying to "say".

Anonymous said...

(begins Forrest Gump)

Have. A Nice. Daaa-aaayy.

(ends Gump) *lol* Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ^_^

This reminds me of some old roleplay and short story material I've got floating around, that I never finished.

Concerning living dolls...well, living *LEGO* figures. And the gloriously *rigid* Click-Squeak-Pop of LEGOsex, as it were.

Never did finish it though as there just didn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in it, yes, even relative to a rarity like dolling is.

--Brad Poe (who might write a new something-something in that vein once he gets some free time to get caught up...)

blackice said...

A long while back Skin Two magazine did a spread on gay rubberists in neon coloured total catsuits and hoods. Looked like giant Gummi Bears.

Not seen anything on that fetish for awhile as basic black is the way most people go still.