Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and then another comes along

no, not busses or taxi's, but rather updates at the only real depot for asf/doll fiction these days The Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archive. i've not had a chance to catch up as yet due to busy week running up to a work trip and then the work trip itself which is thankfully over now.

which also got me wondering. does anyone remember Robot Doll's ASFR site? if so what happened to him/her and it?



Steve M said...

Boy, that takes me back. That was a long time ago. I seem to recall RD had personal stuff to take care of and was absent from the usual venues for some time, then briefly came back, re-creating But that domain passed away some time ago again, so I have no idea what's up with RD or the others anymore.

Man, those were the days. I remember so many of us were on Furtoonia and such for a while; I think some of the regions I created there are still active -- albeit having passed into the hands of the admin's 'public-domain' areas years and years ago.

I also rather suspect all the little coded autonomous bondage traps I had there have also long since been removed as a potential hazard to innocent passerbys. ;-D

MoF said...

I've talked to robotdoll in the past 6 months things seemed to be ok... just busy RL


Anonymous said...

I found this:

in my bookmarks!? Was that what you wanted?

- Dan

EvilDolly said...

Ha! I remember that site, it's ooold. In fact, it was where I published the my first fetish story I wrote online. Gosh that must've been in the early 90's. And the story is still there! And the author email for me is my old compuserve address.. memooorieees.