Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i really wish i had one of these....

a recent correspondence to my google inbox is Peter from a germany and a company called Fantastic Rubber who kindly supplied me with some extra photo's of the Dark or Pure adverting i posted about earlier in the week.

then to my surprise he sent over several photo's of their speciality - a neck and face entry catsuit. it's partly visible on their website where his wife models it.

but these new photos!!! OMG! they made a catsuit thats entered through the face of a hood and turns you into a shiny white jointed living mannequin!!!

click on the images to see them in these in all their super high resolution glory.

now a couple more ideas come to mind to develop the mannequin suit just that much further:

- firstly to have a real mannequin face vacuum formed which could be velcro'd over the wearers actual face, or it could be just inserted carefully under the edges of the open faced hood and held in place that way.
- some sort of shaped eternity collar like idea made from strong plastic or even a strong rubber rubber tube or coated wire. it would be inserted in a discreet piping at the neck and then locked closed. as the only way in is through the neck the collar wouldn't stretch at all and the wearer stuck in it until released...

peter explained their products can be worn for long periods of time...

We made cat-suits with a snug fit by measures for our customers. These cat-suits are from 0.25mm latex and fit like a second skin.

My wife wears very often her suits and every time not only for one day. The longest time she wears one are 4 days and she only pulls the suit off why she must go to her workplace. At this long weekend (easter 2007) it was very hot but she don't sweat very much.

Every morning she takes a shower and runs the water trough the suit. After shower she oils it again with silikon-oil, so the suit slips free over the skin.

and here's a video on their site too which is from Spiegel-TV Extra 6. November 2007.

apparently the vacuum bed it so strong that a person sealed within can be raised totally vertically for display. the open head design makes it much more safe than the ones with just the holes for mouth so i'd imagine someone could be left in it for a rather long time.

i'm currently suggesting a doll version of the suit with doll-joint detail lines like i am assembling in Second Life (tm).

peter said they'll be updating the site with more photos in the next few weeks.

the costs are very reasonable for a totally custom made catsuit at 210 Euro for the turtle-neck version and with the hood its 230 Euros. if you order from them then do tell them you saw it here; as who knows i might have my wishes fulfilled...



SanderO said...

As far as long term wear and wrinkle free fit, the only way to acheive this is with the thin .25mm latex. This does not provide the compression and shaping that the thicker .33 and .45 suits do. But since they stretch a bit more they are made a bit smaller and this insures no wrinkles. The look and feel on the outside... to the touch is like a perfect smooth shiny skin. Many thicker suits do show wrinkles and often have too tight areas which cause chafe.

But these thinner suits are more delicate too and a snag will rip it more easily than the thicker rubber.

But for comforter the thin suit is super and can be worn without fatigue.

I am curious to see how they can the whole body.. hips through the neck, but seeing is believing. Ain't it?

As far as a doll face... you can have a full hood made with a rear zip or pull on which the face you want and wear this UNDER the one piece zipless neck entry suit.

sneewittchen said...

this is not really related to this post, but i thought you might be amused by this new japanese fashion doll, wearing what looks like latex leggings and a rubber cap

MoF said...

Snee Snee Snee you and those collectable japaneese dolls.. nice to see you over here ;)

I just wonder if they're going to produce those suits if they are asked to...


Rick Rogers said...

I have a .25mm thick face entry catsuit and it is soooo wonderful to wear. I first pull on a hood with only eye, mouth and nostril openings before pulling the suit hood up. I glued a pair of the thin, .2mm thick gloves and a .2mm C/B sheath to the suit from TWRA and glued a pair of very thin latex toe socks to the legs that I bought on Ebay. I made a very small hole in the tip of the C/B sheath so I can still use the bathroom and never have to remove the suit at all for a day or two. I even added an internal anal sheath so I am completely rubberized and can can still have sex with my Rubberman Buddy.

If you use a thin anal sheath like I did, your partner needs to blow a little air into it and slightly inflate it inside you or it tends to pull out as he is withdrawing his member.