Saturday, June 21, 2008

goodbye skinny jeans - hello latex leggings

is the headline from nowchic's article bellow:

Spring and summer of 2008 are starting off the new year will a little latex. This latex is surely one you will be able to wear out in public. With the skinny jean seeing its final days, the new and hotter latex legging is making a celebrity debut and our fashion crazy world is ready for this new look.

From young to old, the red carpets are being heated with the introduction of this years skinny jean. The latex legging, very similar to the traditional long footless legging worn in the past few years, is popping up under long shirts and short dresses. With the likes of the Olsen twins, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, all wearing this tighter than tight legging of plastic, Hollywood has never looked so protected.

It seems this new fashion dare is only currently being worn in the steadfast color of black. With spring on the horizon, there may be an introduction of patterned latex or even pastels to match those light and airy dresses of summer. Only Hollywood will be able to prove the next direction for the latex legging.

It is too early yet to know whether or not this new fashion trend will filter out of Hollywood and into the stores where all fashion minded women will be able to don these slick, black beauties, but one thing is for sure...there is no hiding anything when your pants are made from latex.

meanwhile Stylelist wonders if they're good to wear at any age; with 13 pages to tab through photo's for the reader to cast their judgment. at People they give u a chance to vote if Fergie's look is spot on or way off here. have a guess before you vote....

if your not sure how to wear them, then check Clutch22 for some sample experiments in combining and matching. she does love them as posted here and was inspired by the famed blogger suzie bubbles entries on them.

the reason for the renewed media attention and interest is that they're now drifting down from expensive couture designers into the ready to wear market place for the fall / winter 08 season.

essentially means they'll be a lot easier to find and there's more designers doing them as at the moment K+T are the only ones people are recommending although AA wins for color selection. one site that noticed this is glimmer and glam.

meanwhile Nylon correctly wonders out loud if you'll be wearing latex leggings this summer.

mystyle has an entry on latex leggings and russian model Natalia Vodianova and she certainly has a few pairs both on and off the catwalk.

another designer - Nicky Hilton - has incorporated them into the her naughty, but nice equestrian themed autumn/winter collection as covered at Vogue UK and another report on the fall collection is at lasplash

at Shecky's they look at the leggings from a different pov - wether they are Eco or Anti-Eco. surely real latex leggings would be Eco and its the ones that call themselves latex leggings in look only that fall into the Anti-Eco category? i wonder how long plain tights/pantyhose take to decompose?

so it looks like they will be around for another season or two and with more and less expensive designers making them there will be certainly be a spike in magazine imagery and street sightings in the rest of the year.

which begs the really big question - where are all the real latex designers in all this? a major woman's fashion trend and they've not stepped up to sell the real thing to a wider audience?



SanderO said...

Cos the ones that are called latex are not going to be sold as latex, but 4 way stretch pvc which looks like latex.

WendyB said...

Wow -- good wrap-up. And the eco thing is just going too far. The only way we can be perfectly green is to go naked, and there's a whole lotta people who I don't need to see like that.

Anonymous said...

Just a few half-random thoughts here:

--Yep, the eco-thing is anal. Real latex comes mainly from a *tree* folks. Yes, it needs to be vulcanized to get it past *chewing gum* consistency, but it's at least a natural as any linen or cotton or bamboo fiber.

It's mainly the *fakes* people come up with so it doesn't get "political" (about a fetish--oh no, shock horror) immediately. Boo hoo. But yeah, if folks didn't try so hard to pass off poorly done lycra or PVC as "latex" this wouldn't even be an issue.

--So...when do we get some colors going here? Really, the whole inner-tube black thing is getting bothersome, and it will get *worse* for summer wear since the color *absorbs heat*, hello?

Hint: White, pink or beige would be a no-brainer. I grew up in the 1980s folks. My kid sister wanted to be a Valley Girl once. I've seen the isn't rocket science to do a faux-latex look in lycra that isn't black.

Anyone who does *zentai* (Paging Conscious Object...) would know this. There are already *metallic* gold and silver tights done that are hella shiny and just waiting to come out in more colors (I've seen metallic blues and greens too, yes, online and recently).

And in case you're wondering, this is the *cheap*, Made In China end of zentai I'm talking about here--the shipping costs more than the tights themselves. hard can it be? Really. How hard can it be to make A) a good, *tight* pair of shiny *metallic black* leggings from lycra, and B) then expand that to the aforementioned White, Pink, and Beige range, again in metallics for the gloss?

Just asking. This isn't rocket science. I *grew up* around this stuff when I was a sophomore in High School, out in California.

--Brad Poe (who thinks fashion can be a little bit *too* deliberately off in its own world sometimes, and I'm being polite here)

blackice said...

I noticed that in Brighton's AA shop they have both them and a skirt version from the same material.

On the way back home on the buss I saw a couple with the girl wearing them and a white t-shirt and this is during mid day so they're just not a night party thing it seems.

I'm up to London thursday for a book launch so will keep an eye peeled.


Anonymous said...

You do know that its a guy in leggings for you video right?