Saturday, June 14, 2008

the full version

part 1 - the body against

as found and posted in comments by luccloud on the original entry.

its on youtube bellow and not the best resolution but if you go to you can download both videos in a much clearer form in mp4 format.



Dosman! said...

Part one was terrific, but I was hoping part two would be how they return to the factory so they don't perish in those casings.
Once it became gruesome, it was no longer fun, nor erotic.
Thank you for locating and sharing!!

zampfstar said...

even part one wasn't that erotic though. The moment I saw her step on the scale I knew it was going to be Ana's story.

zampfstar said...

even the title should have been a clue

Asudem Latex said...

when u see it in its whole, its pretty depressing.

however, the little trailer was pretty kinky and evocative.

oh well, maybe some day someone will do it right.


Doc Purple said...

Thanx for telling me about keepvid!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it and wish it was me in there.