Tuesday, June 10, 2008

another doll music video

a major find by airfan! this video by Estonian singer Kerli hits an entire tick list of doll related fetish elements and the music's not too bad. for a complete collection of screen grabs then go here.

it doesn't seem to be on youtube as yet but better still you can download a full resolution video file directly from rapidshare here. it really is a must and i'm just wondering how much i'd like to be stuck in her position.



Vidal Tripsa said...

Aiiee! The video does indeed look wonderful, but Rapidshare seems to think I'm some sort of Replicant. I keep failing their ridiculously complicated verification captcha. Has anybody found a different mirror, or uploaded this version of the video to somewhere more accessible?

Thanks for sharing a high-res link, Asudem! If I can actually get at this one it'll be much easier to re-watch than a YouTube posting.

Vidal Tripsa said...

Sorry, finally got around things by striking lucky on some sort of 'happy hour' or something, whereby security checks weren't necessary.

Asudem, I've read your blog for many months now and said little to nothing at all, but this video reduced me to tears of joy and wonder. I feel it's touched me very personally. Thank you for sharing it, from the bottom of my hollow heart, and that of my owner, I'm sure.

Gahum Riptide said...
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