Friday, June 20, 2008

this seasons pants

an article from The Mail newspaper in the UK here about this season pant styles for women and low and behold i beat them too the punch by buying back in february this year a pair of latex jodpurs deep chocolate brown.

they are lovely and sort of weird to wear as they're tight from the knee down like a pair of leggings and loose from between the knee to mid bum. so thats all very loose and billowy almost the waist band is a bit too thin imho though for a first go i seem to getting the directions to the designer out in the far east better. either that or i'm being more honest on my measurements...

if your not exactly sure what jodpurs look like then you'll undoubtedly recognise them on kate blanchette in the new Indiana Jones film bellow.

mine are pretty well like those except for the color and of a somewhat thinner latex than i expected. her gloves look fab tooo...


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