Saturday, February 14, 2009

german trends

i do like killing time by looking at ebay in the UK, France and Germany. each are unique and have different strong trends compared to the other countries.

Ebay UK for example has a lot of new designers in latex as well as a variety of molded items. in Ebay France there's very little latex relative to the UK but it's definately the place to go to for thigh boots from basics too Gucci where as over here we're stuck with 'Pretty Woman' styled basics from Pleaser. more on my finds in another much delayed entry.

so after some searching and figuring out what word to translate into; i found the latex legging trend to be strong in Germany as well the same material used for loose fitting dresses. very yummy.

it was also the first time i've ever seen leopard print pvc leggings anywhere besides old punk albums.

generally i've found that google translate to be fine for communication with the sellers and if they take paypal then its easy peasy though shipping times can be long. i have a tendency not to mind and opt for surface mail. that way it may take a month or more, but then its a nice surprise when it arrives.

so do look around the world for deals and great finds on the various ebay's. we can be really limited to styles with major brand repeating the same thing over and over with nothing more than the addition of their own labels.



Burningrubber said...

where i can find this clothes?

Asudem Latex said...



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you are wrong about Germany.
There may be a lot of these leggings on eBay but the trend is not big in real life here as the legings did not have made it into low cost fashion stores like H&M, Orsay etc.
In London, streets, shops and clubs are full of the leggings and people wearing them. In Germany, the trend does not exist until now as a mass traned.