Sunday, February 22, 2009

japanese model mask?

anyone have more information on this? the constant smiling is somewhat creepy although the mask looks to be well made and it fits the wearer really well.

actually that would be a great idea for a fashion show - pick one of the models and have masks made from her for all the models on the catwalk to wear.



Anonymous said...


You will be dissapointed. ;)

Its a simple recolored plastic mask as explaned in one of her/his other videos:


Asudem Latex said...

thanks for the additional link to the video.

just goes to show u how much good makeup makes. take a crappy mask and make it look realistic and mannequin like.

i read that Rubber Sisters just used Kerry Mask's. so the difference is skill full application of makeup or paint.


SanderO said...

Actually if you watch the runway shows most of the actual models are made to look the same for some collections - same body same make up, same hair same walk, same expression.

I suspect when they get some realistic robots, they can dispense with real live models. Individuality is not important as the clothes.