Wednesday, February 04, 2009

meanwhile in second life...

i've had my Fantastic Rubber mannequin neck entry catsuit recreated in second life by Kai at Powers of Creation latex (POC) and i have been wearing that around Doll Works as well when modeling for POC. loads of people have asked about it and so i direct them to Fantastic Rubber for real life wearable ones and to the SL store for the digital version.

thinking back to my childhood i am not sure which came first, though i am pretty sure it was my interest of mannequins when i was young; beautiful women and dresses sealed untouchable behind glass windows in malls and in department stores. then or maybe at the same time the idea of wearing latex when i played with balloons. i could get my hand into one if i bunched it up into a fist and even my foot although by that point it had deflated and it was uncomfortable to have on for any length of time.

still the feeling of my body totally transformed into this super smooth slick and squeaky material had a big impact and even without knowing anything about latex fetishism and fashion, i wanted to have latex skin. in many ways i still do and am still working towards that possibility with leading lights like LatexLady guiding the way.

so here i am in second life at Doll Works put into the Evil Tube by craftswoman extraordinaire Miss JaneDoe where i can't move or be let out until the counter times out. i'm wearing the POC mannequin catsuit and the new lockable metal ball gag by Miss JaneDoe who is the only one with the key and who sets the timer on the tube for half days and sometimes much longer.

the other thing that can be done in the 3d computer graphic world of Second Life is to make films and i'm the subject of my own little video by Pye in Australia. its a work in progress and somehow the titles fell off but its interesting and worth sharing to the readers here.

pye explained:

i'd wanted to take a shot of Asudem (of Dolls Realm) for quite sometime..

Her ideas and commitment in 'Dollification' have been a big inspiration for my art , in and outer world, so this is a thank
you to the doll.

Its interesting conceptually so maybe ill make more films about this rather obscure kink

again the catsuit worn is Powers of Creation and is made to match my HW Design's real life hood with clear heart shaped face as worn by all top fetish models.


PS: if anyone knows how to do links from web to Second Life locations in world. could you please let me know?


Anonymous said...

The thin latex in the HW-design mask is sooo beautiful nad pleasant. Wish it had been an option in Libidex' catsuits and Rubber Finest's masks too.

Asudem Latex said...

i think the fantasic rubber catsuit is close to being the same weight / thickness of latex.

i plan on writing up my experience with it shortly. i basically wore it every second day from xmas onwards for almost three weeks straight.

i do wonder if HW make their own sheet latex for just that one panel.