Monday, February 16, 2009

how do you say...

i've been wrestling with blogger yet again. it seems not only does the damned age verification flash page stop the easy backing up of the blog, its also blocking any translator widgets i try to install.

so no one can easily access the page and have it converted into their own language as so many other blogs already do.

an idea came to mind that i could change the metatags to include more international terms but then i realized that its working well in english so why mess with it.

the plan now is to collect as many translations of key words and just put them in one of the posts.

please comment and add translations with english = " xxxx"

i do do gummi puppen is rubber doll so there's one.



Throughfare said...

Hi Asudem,

gummi puppen actually means "rubber dolls" in German

here's a bit of a dictionary

English German
________ ________
doll = Puppe (f)

dolls = Puppen

latex = Latex

rubber = Gummi

catsuit = Catsuit

suit = Ganzanzüge
We also call these catsuits or zentai in English

stockings = Strümpfe

tights = Strümpfhose

gloves = Handschuhe

corset = Korsett

Danny said...

Actually, it's „Strumpfhose“ not „Strümpfhose“. We don't habe Umlaute (e.g. „ü“) everywhere, mind you. ;-)

The word „catsuit“ is also used here.

And „Gummipuppe“ / „Gummipuppen“ (pl) is written as one word, as many words in german are constructed that way.

Besides, I like reading your blog in english. It's more authentic, in a way.

marqu said...

There is another term which is not correctly translated by Throughfare:

whole-body suit = Ganzanzug (sing)

whole-body suits = Ganzanzüge (pl)

and some more terms to add:

high heels = Stöckelschuhe (actually it means: hohe Absätze)

boots = Stiefel

mannequin = Schaufensterpuppe

Asudem Latex said...

Ok, so thats german covered i think.

how about French, Spanish and Italian? or even Japanese?

from the stats i can see i have a few readers from there - even Russia!


Throughfare said...

Asudem Latex said...
> how about French

Well . . . here's some French words (mots français). Let's see if I can macerate them less than the German ones:

English French
________ _____
doll = poupée

latex = latex

rubber = caoutchouc

catsuit = combinaison, catsuit

unitard = combinaison

suit = combinaison, zentai

stockings = bas

pantyhose = collant, collants (depends on region)

tights = collant, collants

gloves = gants

corset = corset

boot = botte

hood = cagoule