Sunday, February 01, 2009

latex leggings continue to make converts

this cross over fashion trend is showing no sign of dying let alone slowing down in the slightest. reports in from England says they're absolutely everywhere and most small boutiques as well as larger fashion chains are producing their own versions.

true latex leggings seem to be elusive but the subject of surprised converts - once they find find them of course.  experiences with both mock and real latex leggings can be found at The Student Room's thread on them. is this introducing a whole new younger generation too latex? 

Re: latex leggings - anyone tried a pair?

I love them, they are so cool! I'm planning on getting a pair but not sure where to look- sex shop? :-) I don't think they'll uncomfortable, but I'm vaiting for an answer too!

check the link to the full entry.

meanwhile the chatter on The Fashion Spot continues and is up to 70 pages on the subject with drifting back and froth from K+T, AA's, other brands and leather skinny jeans.

wonder what it will be like when the weather gets warmer to wear them? and which latex designer will step up and dominate the mainstream fashion market with their own version?

oh and just a final reminder - Libidex's online sale continues with 25% off web prices. so real basic tights are only 50£ = 70$-ish (due to weak pound and discount) or real leggings 40£ = 56$!!!!!!!   and a few more !!!!!

who needs crappy mock K+T ones now at those prices???



SanderO said...

I am not seeing them in NYC but I haven't been downtown much this winter. London has always been the a fetish capital. Didn't the whole rubber thing start in the UK with all it's wet weather? I would be curious to hear where these are being worn, because I don't see them. Are they being worn more as dress up or just kick around hang out clothes?

blackice said...

Hi SanderO

I'm spotting them every time I'm out into central Brighton. 2-4 women in that brief hour and thats daily.

On friday when I was in London it was probably 5-6 in total but then its freezing here and close to snowing and I was running around from meeting to meeting.

Might be more of a night club thing. Only have seen the silver and gold ones two times over past couple of years.

From my memory of NYC it was all very black and grey in the main business areas. East Village and around NYU is probably a better place to spot it all.


MoF said...

Well when I was up in manhattan about two weekends ago I saw a few pairs being worn even in the dead of winter specificly I saw some also on girls working in the fashion shops, its just not everywhere, then again its the dead of winter...maybe they'll make a comeback in the spring.


Rubber roo said...

Every where in London, clubs, out shopping, even today out in the snow! Girls are wearing them to school and the AA wet look type are becoming a casual staple very quickly.

SanderO said...

London as a trend fad type place where there is a follow the herd mindset. Many of the trends took hold there - mod, goth, and so forth.

blackice said...

Not to mention the Dandies of course

When I was out for meets in town today I spotted more women wearing them and this time a couple with matching patent leather boots.


rubber roo said...

some of us even wear them to work you know...

WendyB said...

The trend keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny.

WendyB said...

The trend keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny.