Tuesday, September 01, 2009

...any excuse really

for the UK newspaper The Daily Mail to feature shininess and hits of kink in their pages. in this latest instance its a Battle of Wet Look Leggings.

it comments: Both girls had attempted the tricky trend of wet-look leggings - and while both have enviable legs, the look was achieved with different degrees of success.

hmmm... you will now need to read the insinsive article to find out who managed to look good in this delicate fashion statement. major full page news now isn't it? or i'm just as bad for actually repeating it here?

personally i think they look much better on Fergie:

and thanks to a UK reader who not only spotted these High Waist Wet Look Leggings on sale but also promised to send me a pair. looks like they're all sold out now.

looking forward to getting them and comparing them to the other ones i've bought myself. i've pretty well given up on the idea that there are types out there that match real latex, so i'm just using them now as PJ bottoms to sleep in.



Anonymous said...

I don't know who this singer is but she looks very sexy in her shiny black and she knows it too. I didn't listen to the sound so I have no idea what her music is like and I am pretty sure I wouldn't care for it.

We've come to expect this sort of titillation and exhibitionism for pop stars who are selling their image as much as their music. And so sexy sells and you will see this. Beyonce seems to be another example and I don't know her music either but I have been unable to avoid her PR. Madonna the same.

These pop stars get to flaunt sexuality in a way that a few gals walking down main street simply can't. But with a few drinks in a club or party and you might see similar, I suppose.

If your point is how to make sexy leggings look good in everyday use the answer would be found in what message you want to send by your fqshion choices.

Anonymous said...

Whitney Houston in Latex leggings