Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the dangers of high heels

as illustrated so well in this educational hospital drama from the UK.

please note there was no injury to the wearer and of course latex catsuit is optional although highly recommended for maximum impact. ;-)



Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not to laugh at this "sit com" it certainly makes use of all the stereotypes associated with BDSM.

What has happened is that these stereotypes are so deeply ingrained now they are archytypes and all of the dominatrixes look like they are stamped out of a cookie cutter. It's a look that seems to work, but is this destined to remain the same forever?

SanderO said...

Trampling on someone with stilettos is criminally negligent behavior despite the victim's consent or request.

Consent does not give people a pass on what they do.

That's the excuse and easy way out. It carries little weight when you don't apply reason.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the main danger is not stabbing, but ruined bones and soft tissue in the feet and legs of women who force themselves to wear these shoes. While they can be worn without harm, it cannot be denied that they ruin the feet and cause a lot of pain to a significant number of wearers.

Anonymous said...

You all need to calm down and learn to laugh or something. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

This isnt a sitcom, this is from a drama called Holby City, which is a spin off of Casualty

Tang said...

Interestingly 'Casualty' had at least a couple of stories featuring women in latex or vinyl catsuits, usually one of the staff dressing up for a party. Actress Christine Stephen-Daly in vinyl was one, but I am there was a female doctor in latex a few years earlier too. I imagine someone on the script-writing or production teams share our taste.

SanderO you are coming back to the principles that were raised during the so-called Spanner Case of the 1990s and I do not think your view would be overly welcomed by many alternative communities. Consent is vital, but it is consent. You want to police every bedroom? In parts of the USA oral sex is illegal but in the UK no-one would ever even consider policing that.

RubberMannequin said...

Aahh-hahahaha! (sigh)

Yeah, because YOU don't know how to do something safely, nobody else can either.

You don't approve of something someone else is doing consensually? Tough shit, ya throwback!

RubberMannequin said...

That was addressed to Sander and no one else.