Thursday, September 17, 2009

would you like to be inside or out?

i feel my earliest latex fetish experience was playing with balloon when i was really really young. i was fascinated by the feeling of them and wondered what it was like to be inside one. when i was a bit older and had my own allowance i do remember buying some of different sizes and getting one hand as a fist inside one and then another onto my foot.

i loved the way it so utterly changed my skin to a shiny gloss artificialness.

it wasn't until a friend sent me some style magazines from England that i found out that there was actual latex fashions that could be worn. not just putting a balloon on my foot but full length stockings no less.

i managed to find some larger balloons and experimented a bit with those and the results weren't the same as the photo's from the style magazine. i had to wait till i was able to do a trip to London in college to buy some real latex.

for the question? well both would be amazing.



Anonymous said...

What did you buy in London and where did you buy it? You couldn't find any in NYC?

Anonymous said...

The balloon looks interesting, but not something I could see doing as regular thing, that is getting inside a balloon and dancing around or hanging out.

I would expect lady gaga to wear something like that because of the shock value.

This seems to be the sort of thing which is done because someone thinks about it and tries and succeeds at doing it.

What occurred to me it could be a sort of tease bondage where one's genitals are not available to the person wearing the balloon, but they are to their partner. They (almost all of them) is trapped inside the bubble/balloon unable to resists with their hands/arms/ not use the mouth/face to do anything, but steam it up! haha

Asudem Latex said...

well its definitely in the realm of fantasy and magikal spaces.


Asudem Latex said...

stockings, long pencil skirt and elbow length gloves

this was a good 15 years ago and right out of high school so pretty well nothing to be found locally.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they timed the dance. They would be re-breathing the air in the balloon, and so the oxygen would be going down and the CO2 would be going up. too little Oxygen and you can suddenly pass out.

Billy said...

as the director of this show, I tried to limit the time by 3 minutes. But girls turned out to be SO ignited with the idea, so they stayed inside for 5-6 mins. Then I had to catch them and change the air.