Saturday, September 12, 2009

latex aliens in russia

as spotted on 3xl site today and made by RuBear and would you believe that they're at some sort of event for kids!!

wonder what type of impression they made and possibly filled their dreams with? i still remember seeing The Avenger's Emma Peel when i was much much younger and her looks sticking with me still.

for more shots have a look at their gallery.

two things come to mind; can you hire them to abduct you and make you a latex alien too? (there has to be a fetish film in there somewhere) and second - how long before the designers in Second Life knock it off and sell virtual version of these suits? the Slinky Skin bubble hood has been a long time staple in Second Life even if there's no acknowledgment of where it came from.

there has been several attempts to cross worlds from real latex to inworld designers. so far nothing concrete has been established to the best of my knowledge.



EvilDolly said...

Yeah.. I wish I had the figure to wear latex at the mall lol
For those who like the alien look, Pretty Pervy has some exotic looking outfits.

hanzoushinrei said...

One of my favourite sites! Agna is there too.

Anonymous said...

Here's another latexdoll in public:


Anonymous said...

Lol they can take me to there ship any day i wont resist at all :)
heck any night too i realy go any ware with lady's dress like that


Anonymous said...

Right there with you on the "take me to your leader, I want to sign up," line of thinking.

Could make for a lovely role play in second life or a good piece of fan-fiction...

Latexgöttin said...

Latex goes public! Great!