Friday, September 11, 2009

model worn latex

from the globe trotting fetish covergirl Kummi Monster. she's selling off spare items here on her livejournal site.

please note that her sale is only going until the end of this weekend (sun) as monday is the last day she will be shipping things out.

she quipped:

i'm selling these pieces because i don't plan on ever wearing them, and they don't really fit me anymore.
i've never been into selling my latex, i enjoy knowing that i have a huge ass collection. i like hoarding stuff. but i'm starting to realize, hoarding stuff that doesn't make me look like an overstuffed sausage is better.

the pieces here are still in pretty damn good shape as far as i know, unless noted. (if someone is actually interested in something then i'll yank it out and give it a good once over to look for any imperfections) plus, i'd be too embarrassed to sell anything that was of bad quality!

oh, and since most of these outfits are made for me, i have no clue about sizing, i don't own measuring tape. i'm like an S or an M or an S/M some even have C but i'm guessing that stands for Custom, not Cow. if i have to, i can always lay stuff down flat to measure. i have one of those rulers that are made out of metal and really hurt when you hit someone with it.


now does this increase the value of the latex or decrease it?

if it doesn't sell she could cut it up into little pieces and sell laminated cards with the swatch/photo like the Jennifer Garner 'Alias' blue latex dress a few years ago. these come up on ebay periodically - which is how i heard of them - if your interested.


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hanzoushinrei said...

Hmm, I hope it includes her red latex chinadress. Sexy <3