Wednesday, September 09, 2009

barbie to be a mannequin this year

or has she been made on already?

like busses, information and random items tend to appear in clumps. this time it was a photo from a cellphone sent in by roving Black Ice who spotted this older mannequin in Liverpool. looks very much like barbie to me.

meanwhile Adel Rootstein mannequins who are known for turning models into mannequins like Diana Dewitt, Pat Cleveland, Agyness Deyn is now making Barbie and Beyonce versions. while Beyonce's will be more humanly realistic, given her ASFR fetish i do wonder if she prefer them sold with a chrome coating?

if your into retro 60's styling then one model that has been made into a mannequin by Adel Rootstein is brit legend Twiggy and you can get most of her on ebay in the UK for £275 here.


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RubberMannequin said...

I read "turning celebs into mannequins" while skimming and had higher hopes, but alas, it's only mannequins that look like

Would rather see Coco locked inside a rigid mannequin suit...