Sunday, September 20, 2009

flashback to key fetish media moment

i have not seen this since i was really young. it stuck with me as you may have guessed....

from my hazy memory i think there's a bit more too it or possibly another episode where agent 99 is frozen as a mannequin too with the aid of ring?



mcfan said...

OK, testing my memory too without trying to look it up online: Max was given a secret weapon disguised as a pen, but the pen contained some kind of freezing compound. At the end of the show, he accidentially hit 99 with this weapon, causing her to freeze. He then kissed her and froze himself mid-kiss.

Sounds like we were kids around the same time (also remembering the magic ring from Gilligan's Island that turned MaryAnn and Ginger into robots :-) ).

I really enjoy your blog.

Ruri Muni said...

Hiya Asudem,

I never caught this show when it was on, but all i ever heard about it was that it was "stupid". That doesn't really mean anything, since it was just my parents trying to get me to not watch TV or something. You know, this comment isn't really useful, huh?