Sunday, June 27, 2010

the closest thing to pony boots

i have an ongoing observation about: fetish, slutty and couture shoes and boots which i'm currently musing on and i'll be shortly doing an entry on. that will have to wait as for today i found these scooped heel booties bellow on aliExpress and just had to share - at US$36.25 each in three different colors.

you can get these Wedge Heels Ankle boots in a variety of sizes right down to '1' and the price includes free shipping. i don't know if the heel angle changes or if they keep them consistent. best really to measure your feet as some of these european and rest of world size calculations can get very confusing.

now if they could make them side zip and thus tighter, then knee high (and i do mean reaching the knee) as well as 5"s - I'd buy stock up on them!!


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alphaxanon said...

Actually, the best pony boots still for sale are here:

Punitive shoes also sells a series of pony-type shoes and boots such as this but I think's look more pony-like