Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a follow on from CO's investigations

i did some of my own poking around a certain male artists fan site typing in 'robot' and another singer with cyber / robot fetish. way better than lady gaga imho and she seems to appear to be a mini version of the lanky british singer covered previously.

maybe there's just one art director that everyone is using? oh and do go to the source page on youtube as its available in multiple resolutions for browser play back as well as download using various Firefox plug-ins.



Anonymous said...

Janelle Monae is super cool, and she is definitely a robot and science fiction fan. The 'Many Moons' video is from 'Metropolis', her first album. She just released 'The ArchAndroid' a couple of weeks ago. Together, they're part of a 4-part suite about rogue android Cindy Mayweather and her love for a human. Hopefully, they'll be more videos! The new album is terrific!

Anonymous said...

Nice, but I dunno. The first time I saw that video -- which, incidentally, was the first time I ever saw or heard her -- my immediate thought was "huh, trying to capitalize on Andre 3000's success, i see," due to so much being similar. Maybe an unfair summarization of her work as a whole, but it's an awfully hard first impression to try and get past.

Video is nifty, tho.

- Steve M

RJ said...

She's an amazing performer in her own right; for a better example of her dancing skills, watch her "Tightrope" video.

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

Check out her album cover too, if you haven't seen it's even better, IMO:

Anonymous said...

One two three four fiiiive.. six-seven eight nine-ten.....eleven twelve..

..anyone? ..anyone?
sesame street? no? showing my age?