Friday, June 18, 2010

mannequin or mannequin worn

its actually a trick headline as i recently found out that "mannequin" also "model" in French.

my dedicated advertiser Simon O now has an ebay shop up here with more than 30 items currently listed of their very well designed latex clothes - mainly for women of a specific size fyi.

according to their email newsletter they will move to a bigger store and are clearing out the showroom so you now you can get a lot of items from our Showroom at ebay.

go have a look as the euro is week against the dollar now ;-) so better buying for us.


updated: i just had another look at the listings and it seems the camera they use is also for sale along with lenses! for the die hard collector then to use the same camera that shot so many fetish shots must be a selling point. though make sure you get him to sign it.

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Anonymous said...

In german, for examlpe, the term "mannequin" always refers to a model. For the other meaning we use the word "Schaufensterpuppe" witch translate into something like "shop-window-doll".