Friday, June 18, 2010

katy perry - the latex babe

another public PR event and new latex dress for Katy Perry. he wardrobe is expanding pretty quickly. it seems to be an ongoing style for her now isn't it? does she like it or is it more of a move to get media attention? someone ask her please. ;-)

this time its a launch of a new volkswagan. curiously the photo bellow came from a fetish site - and not a latex one!?!! no, this was a forum i stumbled upon by accident when googling the news story and it turns out to be for people who were more interested in her bare feet than the latex.



Anonymous said...

People who have a bare feet fetish? What sick weirdoes! :D

Oh ya, that dress shows off her amazing figure to the fullest. Stunning.

BurnRubberV8 said...

Katy has quite a latex dress collection. The yellow one with blue flowers on Nickelodeon. That Turquoise one, and also one he wore on a UK show that was the US and UK flags combo design.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this news story about her: