Sunday, June 13, 2010

the highs, the lows and the way too busy

the blogs popularity hit a massive new high with over 4,000 hits in just one day. then it drifted down to the 3,500 mark and as of yesterday it slumped to a scant 2,500. guess i've been spoiled by some attention from somewhere.

been massively too busy with work last week get any updates done sadly. spent most of saturday asleep trying to catch up with my over working schedule.

if there's any more latex designers or even possibly one or two stores interested in advertising then please contact me. even a mask maker... i don't want to flood the site with banners or advertisements or even turn it into a pay site. i might be up for a major single sponsor moving this blog into their own domain / site. just a random idea.

oh!! how about The Rubber Sisters? they could send me a mask for an advert/link. then i'd be a rubber sister too ;-)


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