Saturday, January 23, 2010

better with a latex cover?

i was never a fan on bean bags in my youth, however this massive one called a FatBoy is very tempting, more so when the idea of coating it in a latex sleeve. the massive and appropriately named FatBoy is available for 229$ at Amazon here.

i'm already sort of realized this idea over two years ago when i took one of those tubular microbead lycra pillows and wrapped a spare sheet of scrap latex around it where i nuzzle it in my bed with the latex pillow case on a nightly basis. (can you get these made in doll shapes?) the microbead pillow when combined with the latex is much kinkier than just a latex pillowcase imho. so a massive microbead latex cased bean bag affair would be something to really just melt into...

so the first designer who starts making them can you please called them Asudems?


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nzrubber said...

You could get one of the rubber teddy bears from Reactor ( I have one and it is lovely to snuggle up with at night, although I would quite like a bigger one that I can spoon with.