Friday, January 01, 2010

a winter fairy tale for dolls

was sent into me a few weeks ago by Ann J and i wasn't able to really watch it due to the site being in china with lags and errors all over the place. thankfully a new link from vimeo for the short animated film Alma was posted elsewhere.

its almost as if the maker had been reading legacy's archive of stories.

please note that you will need to click the link to see it as there's no way to embed it into blogger that i can find.

so how can i save it to my local hard drive?



hanzoushinrei said...

Install Internet Download Manager

When the video loads, there'll be an option (a small button) which will enable you to save the video.

blackice said...


I managed to download it with a website:

Worked well and the source video came out at its real size which fills the screen btw.


Anonymous said...

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hanzoushinrei said...

I hope there'd be more dollifications...

angryearthling said...

firefox and extension downloadhelper pulls down a 80mb mp4 file ok.

Anonymous said...

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