Saturday, January 16, 2010

primetime dollifcation

and not in a sexy fetishistic way with love and mutual concent but of course the tired old cliche of people being murdered.

thanks to JR for sending me in the link to CBS for the show here.

he described it as i hadn't seen it at that point: last night's episode of the show has the team chasing a woman who is kidnapping women and putting them into a drug-induced paralysis so she can use them as living dolls. The episode clips show three victims arranged around a tea table completely paralyzed except for their eyes which are moving back and forth.

after some really clever googling i found a site here for those who want to see the entire episode themselves.

the dolls seemed to have more acting ability than all the lead characters was my main observation and that the dream sequence was really well done.



Anonymous said...

Watch the episode 'Honor Among Thieves' from Season 4 of the original 1980's Miamivice. Similar kind of thing to this.

Anonymous said...

its lock for germany!!!

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RubberMannequin said...

I watched that episode and nearly cried. It was horrid. Typical Holy Wood tripe, and while I'm not much of a TV watcher, I'd say that show is usually pretty good.