Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a doll transformation video

i found it on youtube when looking around for something else which is how i usually trip upon these little gems.

its called "Education of Rubberdoll Rita with Rubberdom Julia Otto" and i can't do embedding with it you will have to click on it here.

what i like about it is that its a latex doll making another latex doll, leading and transforming her into the dolls world. there's such a rich possibilities with all these fantasy narratives that imho haven't been really explored to anywhere near their potential.

its just a short clip and the full one is on Latex Julia Pay Site where it runs to 13:10 Minutes.



alphaxanon said...

You've got an extra slash / after the youtube address...

Blood Seeker said...

Hmm, could be extra kawaii if they used a 'kigurumi' anime mask.

They have those complete with bodysuits in japan.