Sunday, January 10, 2010

interview AOK'd and coming soon

a special thanks to ClosetMonster who posted in comments the source of the image which i'm currently obsessed by which was shot by a Stacy Leigh and who has a niche speciality of shooting silicon love dolls!!

visiting her photographic folio site i found the bellow image and her contact details so i wrote her immediately to show her my blog as well as ask for an interview and she accepted.

why did i pick this photo to illustrate this entry? well its simple - it appears to be an exact scene from Tiny Sexy Girl's great story stashed on LTBSA The Wand which i've reread oh at least a half a dozen times.



jsan said...

and one of her dolls might just be an excellent stand in for tsg it's one of her lovable dolls by the name of Tara!!

Anonymous said...

Please, for the love of all that is rational, learn the difference between silicon (without an 'e', which is an element) and silicone (with an 'e', which is a family of polymer compounds made from silicon and many other elements.

It's like someone not knowing the difference between vinyl and latex. The details matter. Sorry, rant mode off.

Thanks for the post!