Saturday, January 16, 2010

big dept stores sell them

i am still following the latex like legging trend and its not dying down or going away at all it seems. even large department stores in the UK are selling them now as per this video trailer for a place call Littlewoods.

anyone in the UK or other countries confirm the level of wearing? are they replacing jeans?

it does seem there's a lot of play with their definition of "latex" these days and even "leather". basically anything with a bit of stretch and shine is now latex or leather and there's definite style impetus for the rock chick look as the designer bellow illustrates really well in their slide show commercial.

that aside they do mix and match really well with anything and kinks up even something dull like a long sweater dress.

no surprise then that they are now becoming a fetish in their own right as i discovered when i stumbled upon the aptly named Skin Tight Hotties via their free teasers clips are on youtube.


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Anonymous said...

I live in London - still plenty of people wearing shiny leggings here. We've had a colder winter than usual so the level of wearing has gone down a little, but I'm sure it will be back. In terms of the stores selling them, they're completely mainstream as you say.