Wednesday, January 27, 2010

getting your loved one into latex

with valentines day coming up soon its a sneaky time to get your loved one into wearing latex. it maybe easier now given Laday Gaga's regular public wearing as well as latex leggings still being a fashion staple now.

Breathless is offering 20% off untill 31st of January at midnight GMT.

and if you can't get your order together by then you can also try Libidex who is giving 25% off until valentines day. however there could be some delays in getting the latex delivered due to manufactured time backlogs as always seem to happen when Libidex has a sale.

So the great wardrobe staple The Matrix Leggings in almost any colour imaginable is now only £59.96 down from £79.96. this discount is only for items ordered via their website and does not include made to measure items.


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