Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what are they called and where can i buy them?

there's a sheer meshed top i've seen sometimes in goth photo's and as well used as under base or sleeves in dresses.

its almost pantyhose thin and sort of like a body in style though not in weight of material.

i would really like a couple of tops like this and have no clue to what they're called.

anyone direct me to an online store, shop or even ebay?



Fou said...

... like very small fishnet?

a bodystocking? spiderweb shirt?

something like this:,Netzset-II-Dessous-Top-und-String ?

or more like this:

Asudem Latex said...

more like the later but in black and tighter.


peeljoanna said...

... cut a mesh/fishnet pantyhose into the cross to put the head through, cut off the feet at the desired length to put through your hands through, and there you are ! Believe me, this is the way how most goth people do themselves. Inexpensive when you are careful in cutting the holes into it. Also another sheer pantyhose can be cut like that, however, it is advised to stitch the seems. Good and durable effect guaranteed !

Anonymous said...

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RubberMannequin said...

I have an old shirt which is what I think you are looking for. It's old and torn, and I would love to know where to get more of the same material! (top, tights, a whole catsuit, anything)

I also once had a completely sheer blouse, skin tight, which as far as I could tell was made from stocking material. It lasted a few days. I still have it, but after the first few holes, I just tore a bunch of holes in it deliberately (this was in my goth days) and wore it with a fishnet pantyhose top and other layers for an... interesting... (or maybe just impoverished) gothy look.

I hope you find a source, as I want some too!

Anonymous said...

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LatexBD said...

I reckon from the material and cut you'd mean something like the suits available here ... guess you could check with them and see whether they'll also produce just a shirt/top for you ... maybe based on the Body ones ... going w/o hands and mask should be possible ...