Sunday, December 18, 2005

Art is where the Kink is

my first exposure to other women as dolls and litterly objects was thanks to the sculpture of british pop artist Allen Jones, who seemed to derive alot of inspiration from the risque comics of the 50's.

He's done a range of these sculptures including a fetching table which another female artist reproduced with herself as the object.

Have a google for Allen Jones....

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JL said... was doing it first,is still doing it best, he's a real freak- gotta love it. Lots of free samples.
Amazingly seems to have a good supply of consenting females willing to be rubberised, turned into statues, boxed, crated, strapped, made into chairs, chandeliers, landscaping equipment, you name it. On the first page of samples look at the "ballerina doll" in the plastic covered box. Bound tightly for shipment, of course.
After a long timne putting it off I got a month subscription recently, and he's one of those class acts who doesn't hold back and gives access to everything it seems he's ever done. Which is a lot.