Sunday, December 18, 2005

Automantric: hypno script - found somewhere....


Make me automatic
Clear my mind
Submission is bliss
Make me want
Push my buttons
Control my mind
Customize all of me
Make me all yours
Mold me, Shape me
Alter me, Make me
Put me together or
Take me apart
I must obey you.
I must obey

My mind is yours
My body is yours
I live to serve
Take posession
Overwrite my needs
Condition my emotions
Use me now
Make me love it
Make me beg for it
I live for you
I exist for you

I want what you want
I need what you need
Give me submission
Remove my motivation
Let me serve you
I have to love you
Make me love you.
Make me obedient
I need your orders
I crave your sex
I'll be good for you
Anything at all for you
Make me a mechanism
Make me latex
Make me a toy

I need this, Mis.tress
I have no will
Bond me in servitude
Seal me in latex
Make me a doll
Play with me
Play with
Make me, Mis.tress

Update: It's not a script - it's poetry!! and its from: WinterRose's site


WinterRose said...

Actually, I wrote that. You'll find it on The Beastiary: The WinterRose ASFR Homepage in my Writings & Roleplay section.


Asudem Latex said...

cool- thanks for finding this site and letting me know. will post the link in the main blog


Anonymous said...

I was reading the poem and started to cry...cuz that's exactly what I'm looking for...