Friday, December 30, 2005

More fun with Hypnosis

So like one way to make yourself into a doll is in the mind with hypnosis. I mean if you can get people on stage to bark like a dog and run around on all fours and eat dog food, then why not something you'd enjoy. Not that some people don't enjoy being dogs - go ask those furries and plushies. ;-)

There are various self reading scripts out there - notably on Dollcollective yahoo group - but self reading as its called is less reliable than being hypnotised by someone else. And if someone else isn't available then a recording of the someone would be a good option.

You could explore your various kinks and fetishes. You don't need to be dipped in a vat of latex or plastic (as much fun that would be) but if you could percieve and feel yourself as such then too you anyway the fantasy self is achieved. And whats more you could turn it on and off as you like or set the levels of latexification or dollness. Or kinkier have someone else turn you on and off...

One site that has a few doll related MP3s is:

Some are close, but not exactly what I'd go for myself, but maybe for someone else reading this. Beware though as some of these hypnodommes are mainly about getting themselves off than delivering the good to you.


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Schneelocke said...

Plushies are stuffed animals, actually - the kind you can buy in toy stores. The people who adore them are called plushophiles. :) (And FWIW, I'm not sure why a plushophile would necessarily enjoy becoming a dog, either; some might, but it'd not be related to their being plushophiles.)

As for furries, you're right that some might, but again, not all of them would - outside of the fact that not all furries don't have dogs as their phenotype (i.e., the animal feel most close to) anyway, being furry can mean lots of different things, and saying that everyone who's furry would like to be turned into an animal (no matter which) would be like saying that everyone who has an interest in dolls (for example, anyone who likes to have sex with them) would automatically be interested in being turned into one, too. It *might* be true in individual cases, but it's not a general truth.

Just thought I'd clear that up. :)