Friday, December 30, 2005

So whats your doll transformation fantasy

I know for sure its just not me that has such a fixation, need, desire, urge, fetish, compulsion etc.

So whats yours? And how do you go about satifying it?

Please share



Davina said...

Hello, I have also a doll fantasy and I decided to concretise it by using Zentai.
Zentai is not latex but a full bodysuit in lycra.
I created my blog :
Come to see my pictures and even write a small article :-)


EazyB said...

My fantasy is to go the rubber doll route. I was looking at a latex dollsuit at Libidex and am interested in developing my alter-ego further.

--EazyB |R|-newbie

latex1963 said...

Dear Doll.
My fantasy is not to become a latex doll, but to "own" one! (Any takers???)
I would love to be the guardian and keeper of such an object (an object, because dolls have no personality! -wink wink- ). Dress my doll, play with my doll, examine every square inch on and inside this doll is the greatest fantasy come true! Everything has to be covered and sheated internally. In her bare appearance she will be shaved everywhere, in order to have the smoothest surface possible.
Well, my fantasy lives on but reality kicks in, and my life without such a doll continues.
Wishing all a wonderful day and keep your latex shiny!

Anonymous said...

I want be transformed into a rubbersister..I love their look and wonderful attire