Friday, December 30, 2005

London Latex Desiger - Libidex to sell Doll Suits!!!

News just in, Libidex will be selling latex doll suits along with sections for partial transformation too.

These would include, mitts, tights, bodies and hoods so you can build up as budget allows. An entire suit with or without different types of inflatable breasts is possible but more expensive. The pink flesh coloured latex does change colour from a more pink to tan with washes over time.

contact: and

Here's some shots of a prototype used by a photographer. There's supposed to be more in the series but I've not found them yet. These were nicked from one of the yahoo groups as they're not on Libidex site yet.


Oneeyedjack said...

Neat-o! Just when you thought you've seen every piece of latex out there...

I still prefer the transparent catsuit for ultimate dollification, but that's pretty cool.

Schillpkmi said...

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