Monday, December 17, 2007

acquo boots or mis-translation?

in the latex fetish community, both old school makintosh types and the newer fashion oriented ones there's sub group fixated on the fetish of high heeled rain boots. i raise my hand and say yes thats me too!!! i need a pair!

besides the more recent but still very rare Patrick Cox rain boots are the 60's - 70's rain boots called Acquo's which were pure soft rubber lined with fabric. these were the for runner of the synthetic knee high boots and did the same thing by clinging and shaping to your calfs but with rubber instead of some form of pvc. they came in a range of block heel heights as well as shaft lengths, from knee high, just over the knee like the current revision of pirate boots as well as a tight thigh high.

the only thing thats remotely close is the Siger Morrison Rain or Shine boots which i do have a pair of but with my heel training i've not been wearing them. those too are now highly sought after and go for double their original price if and when they come up.

on another recent ebay hunt trying a load of variations and languages i found this interesting pair in france's offshoot.

looking at them i'm not convinced they're real acquo boots at all, but they do seem to have a large part of their uppers made from rubber or latex. and waterproof too.

apparently they're were made or owned for Ginger Rogers. besides the label i'm not sure how you could prove it. they're listed here on with 5 days to go. have a look for more photo's even if your not going to bid.

also on ebay but this time in the UK is an actual pare of Acquo Met boots which have started at 500£'s... thats 1000US$ for a pair or rubber boots. its a relist as the original buyer bailed when the total reached 800£! they're here.

i did read there was a person in the UK who bought up the remaining stock of acquo boots when the company closed in the late 80's. he's not on the internet but does a flyer like catalog. does anyone know more or have seen real ones?



Linda said...

Buy Acquo again !!!
Only Ten pairs for sale.

On TRADERA (swedish ebay)

Auktion ends in a few days....

They ship international !!!!

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