Saturday, December 01, 2007

sm mannequin in NYC club

i remember a fairly long time a go, maybe early 90's that some super club opened in downtown NYC and according to the media reports it was decked out with kinky mannequins contained in full sized plastic tubes.

i just found this image from my hd, and i think its from the club in question. though any more information on the club i simply can't remember.

still i can see that being exposed to such overt kinky imagery in a normal club would hit something in some people. wonder how many would like to trade places with her. i know i wouldn't hesitate.



Andre said...

I feel like I remember this being at the Limelight, which later became Avalon and is now turning into condo's so I hear.

Limelight was pretty crazy back in the day. See "Party Monster," if you don't know what I'm talking about. Anyone remember the HR Giger room?

SanderO said...

And of course there was the original Justine's which was decent restaurant, bar and fetish themed including staff. The chocolate stilettos were such a cool dessert.