Saturday, December 01, 2007

the commisioned dolls

some people can't draw, some can't write. i definately can't do the first and there's a bit of debate about the second. one way to solve this problem is work with someone who can and act as a sort of producer / director to realise your vision and this is exactly what a reader's done with the help of dkstudio05.
DW explained his vision

I liked her art style so I commissioned a dollies picture from her. I asked DKSTUDIOS05 to use references from Jay Petto and this lightspeedimages photo set (I happen to own this photo set too).

I'm going to get a second commission from her and the idea is that uh, the doll on the left will be dressed in a tuxedo and act like a ventriloquist, while the doll on the right is her dummy (in reality, both of them are being manipulated by an unseen power).

more of the back story is with the image and story.

and for the second commision DW wrote this teaser:

Title: The Show Must Go On

Tragedy! A thief broke into Madeline the Ventriloquists’ trailer and kidnapped her dummy. Madeline had to cancel her show while she pursues the criminal responsible and rescues her dummy. As a last minute replacement, the King of Toys Land prepared Melissa and Veronica for a surprise live performance.

Toys Land is the pinnacle of puppet technology and the King utilizes wireless technology to manipulate both of them. The Queen also lends her voice in this mischief and does the voices of Melissa and Veronica. The audience found the show to be so entertaining, the King and Queen decided to make this opening act a solo road tour; indefinitely extending the ladies stay in Toys Land.

Professor Greene’s Fetish Journal, Entry #14, contd.:

The puppet show tour was a remarkable way to visit different parts of Toys Land. As entertainers of the Royal Court, we were guaranteed sold-out audiences wherever we toured. Although we were stage props, Veronica and I received an almost reverent respect from our handlers. In Toys Land, it is considered an honor to be used as a puppet or a doll in any capacity by the Royal Court.

so if your a frustrated writer with loads of ideas but can't draw or vice versa, then find someone to collaborate with. i'm still really looking forward to people making short comics and possibly even films with second life.


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DW said...

DKSTUDIOS did a sequel commission to this picture called "The Show Must Go On". Here is the link to this picture:

I hope y'all enjoyed this picture and the first one.