Wednesday, December 05, 2007

black and shiny is in

i was revisiting alot of the fashion blogs i had bookmarked, some of which i found when i was googling for information on the americal apparel leggings and found this rather lovely jacket. it reminded me that for christmas to myself i do plan on getting a PVC styled rain coat but made in latex.

this one is on sale now at bergdorf goodman here for 605$ and says its patent leather but on closer examination i think its really just plain pvc. wonder how many they made and how many sold. one thing i'd venture about this particular cut is that you'd need to have the model like body shape to pull it off.

meanwhile there's alot of black and shiny accessories this fall, big bags and glossy heels being the main focus.

still i'd prefer it in latex though pvc is way more acceptable in the public.



SanderO said...

I got my honey a patent leather bomber jacket. It's as shiny as PVC but it's real leather. A bit stiff. It was sold by GAP or the Limited about 10 yrs ago and I remember seeing it on a shop window on a mannnequin and then picked it up for a song on ebay. I recall it was about $250 back then. We got it for less than $50. It's lined and warm and actually stiff as thick leather would be.

You can find PVC or PU shiny black belted trenches from Calvin Klein. My squeeze got one from Lord&Taylor last Spring.

It might well be patent for that price.

Throughfare said...

Hey AusdemLatex,

Latex is perfectly acceptable in a rainjacket anywhere.

It's not common anymore, because most everybody buys cheaper alternatives, esp. in the USA- but in the UK there are many people who still buy and wear real rubber rainwear, and real rubber Wellies.

In N. America I've encountered, not a lot, but a few people in latex capes, jackets, even one gal in a cape with form fitting open-face latex hood. No one has so much as batted an eye . . . at any of them, whether it was raining at the time or not.

What got me thinking about this was watching a classic from 1951- Marilyn Monroe in the film Niagara.

I couldn't help but notice the difference with nowadays. In the movie there was an attendant at the tourist site who checked everybody's shoes, and everyone was given a real rubber rain cape with a shaped, protective hood and real rubber boots!

What do they do at the falls now? They give you this blue, disposable plastic poncho thingie, and if you didn't think to bring your own rubber boots, you go home with soaked shoes; and the people who could have been working as attendants at the falls now work for the sanitation dept. hauling off plastic ponchos to the landfill :(

Anyhows, I think the relative rarity of real latex rainwear in NA has more to do with economics than with social acceptability . . . so; if you decide to go with a latex rainjacket, let us know! I for one will be inspired :)


Andre said...

What's socially unacceptable about latex - especially in a big city like NYC? I mean maybe it's weird to walk down the street in a hood and mouth muffling neck corset, but outerwear? Don't let what you perceive as public opinion stop you from achieving the look you want!